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Road Freight

Road freight is the most convenient way of transportation, which allows door-to-door delivery of goods. Apart from that, road freight is used as a part of a logistical chain in multimodal transport operations.

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Air Freight

Air cargo transportation is the fastest way to deliver high-value and perishable goods over long distances and in shortest timeframe. Your goods will be delivered safe and sound within hours.

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Rail Freight

Rail freight is the most economical way of transportation: it is a perfect equilibrium of price and quality, which allows delivering oversized and heavy lift cargoes.

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Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most accessible way of transportation: for minimum costs, it allows to deliver any kind of cargo while a simplified and automatized method of loading/unloading saves time and money.

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The Liner Company

Liner is a transportation and forwarding company that provides cargo delivery services throughout Russia and abroad. Our primary specialization is to deliver goods from the Pacific Rim countries. We ensue freight forwarding with various means of transportation and offer our assistance in terms of cargo insurance and customs clearance. Our primary goal is to deliver your cargo safe and sound for minimum costs.

Our advantages

  • Experience: We have successfully delivered over a hundred orders for cargo transportation and we have elaborated a vast amount of logistical methods and therefore we most likely already know a fast and cost-efficient way to deliver your goods.
  • Individual approach: in case you have a complex type of cargo or a unique route of transportation, we will work out a transportation project specifically tailored to meet your needs.
  • Professionalism: our team is capable of solving any task in the field of international business, starting from all the necessary paperwork and ending with cargo insurance.
  • Service: we offer you a complete set of expediting services: we are ready to consult you and answer all your questions, devise a transportation route and take into account all your wishes and needs.
  • Reliability: we collaborate with trustworthy partners and trusted terminals, which allows to ensure that your cargo is delivered without delay and problems.

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20 /08 Компания «Лайнер» подтвердила членство в Ассоциации российских экспедиторов на 2013 год

Ассоциация российских экспедиторов учреждена в сентябре 1990 г. на базе транспортно-экспедиторских предприятий, созданных в середине прошлого века.

25 /07 Commercial Port of Vladivostok suggested that customs should reconsider the container inspection procedure

Commercial Port of Vladivostok is capable of transshipping a much larger volume of containers than it transships at the present moment, however, its broader practice is hindered due to the existing procedural rules for container inspection by the customs authorities.

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