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The Liner Company has been present on the market of transportation services of the Far East since 1996 and specializes in providing a whole range of expediting services. Over the years of work, it has successfully executed over a hundred orders for transportation of any kind of cargo, and dozens of large enterprises have become regular clients of the company.

We can deliver commercial cargo from any world destination on the most efficient conditions, in shortest time and with guarantee. We have gathered an extensive experience in cargo transportation from China and the Pacific Rim countries, and transportation along these routes is well adjusted and thought out to the last detail. Apart from that, we have established consistent business collaboration with agents, shipping lines and terminals all throughout the world, which allows us to solve any problem that may arise on the way of your cargo fast and efficiently.

Our clients are our partners, that is why we treat this kind of cooperation with highest responsibility and we are glad if it develops into a long-term one. We are content when our clients’ business prosper and grow because for us it is a testament to the fact that we have done our work well: those who started with transportation of small consignments of goods now have dozens of containers transported and have increased goods turnover — and they continue their cooperation with none other than us!

Our staff personnel are our precious wealth. We strive to create the best working conditions, to provide solicitous and courteous attention, as well as offer numerous opportunities for career growth and development. Owing to this, we have formed one of the best and strongest teams of specialists who are capable of solving any task in the field of external economic activity.

We love our work and do it quickly, efficiently and with heart.

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