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Commercial Port of Vladivostok suggested that customs should reconsider the container inspection procedure


Commercial Port of Vladivostok is capable of transshipping a much larger volume of containers than it transships at the present moment, however, its broader practice is hindered due to the existing procedural rules for container inspection by the customs authorities.

Analytical News Agency «PortNews» reports that it was stated by Vladimir Korchanov, general director of the OJSC «Commercial Port of Vladivostok» during the out-session of the Assembly of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River transport in Vladivostok. According to his words, the customs authorities inspect approximately 20% of containers, whereas in the US the number is only 6%, in Switzerland — 4%, and in Germany — 5%. Apart from that, customs officials begin inspection only at the unloading of the last container from the vessel, and in case of large container ships (from two to three thousand containers) it leads to significant loss of time.

«A couple of years ago we proposed a suggestion to the Federal Customs Service about changing the system and starting the inspection procedure right at the arrival. We will hand over necessary containers for inspection. This year, the problem has become more acute. Container ships take longer to unload on account of being bigger», said the head of the stevedore company.

Source: world-logistics.net/vmtp-predlozhil-tamozhne-peresmotret-poryadok-dosmotra-kontejnerov/

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