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Export registration in the Pacific Rim countries

Customs cargo documentation for crossing the border is a corner stone of international transportation. It is not simple, it requires consideration of a number of aspects, and the cargo must be arranged as neatly as possible, because even the smallest mistake can eventually result in a whole host of problems when the product is to be sold or reflected in the accounting records. For this reason, it is important to have the sufficient knowledge regarding the customs clearance in compliance with the Customs Code of the Russian Federation, sub legislative acts and other normative documents.

Customs registration of goods for export includes several important stages. First, it is necessary to make a preliminary calculation of the contract value based on the cargo characteristics. Secondly, there is an export contract to sign with the receiving company abroad. Only afterwards comes the customs registration of export goods itself. For the export cargo there should be selected a customs procedure which will determine the order of customs clearance, customs control of the cargo and payment particulars of duties and taxes. A customs procedure must be chosen by the participants of the transaction on their own, and there should be considered a number of aspects: to choose an optimal customs procedure, to coordinate the acceptance and release of goods with the customs authorities and so on.

Any type of cargo has its own characteristics in terms of customs registration for export, besides, frequent changes in the tax legislation can exacerbate the situation further more. For this precise reason, the Liner Company strives to relieve you of this headache. At your convenience, the team of specialists of the Liner Company will provide professional support in the export goods registration in the Pacific Rim countries, taking into account all the possible pitfalls.

If your foreign shipper encounters any difficulties in completing the export documentation for your goods, we are glad to help you out in this situation. Our agents work in China, South Korea and other Pacific Rim countries; they have a thorough knowledge of specifics of customs procedures in those countries and are always ready to find a solution for your problem.

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