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Door-to-Door Delivery

Door-to-door delivery becomes more and more popular. Door-to-door means that in several stages an item is transported from the consignor’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse. Over the course of this process you do not need to enter in all the subtleties of logistics; an expediting company takes care of the whole procedure for you.

Door-to-door delivery is a set of services which includes preparation for cargo transportation, the cargo transportation itself, unloading at the arrival destination and the completion of all the documentary formalities. Apart from that, it provides a stage-by-stage physical accompaniment of the cargo, which allows to minimize risks, increase the quality of the cargo transportation and guarantee its safety. Thus, door-to-door transportation is a cargo delivery on the conditions of full responsibility on the part of the forwarding company that is fully liable for the safety of the cargo from the moment of its acceptance from the consignor and up to the moment of its transfer to the consignee.




Let’s look at the example below. Businessman N. wants to import a consignment of goods from abroad in order to sell it on the national market. The given task is a complex one: cargo is transported via sea freight across the border and after going thought the customs clearance is transported from the port via railway freight while the final delivery is carried out by road transport. Besides, it is necessary to deal with many documents and forms in order to go through customs clearance, as well as execute control over the cargo transportation for the purpose of protecting it from damage and theft.

The first graph illustrates the course of action for a businessman who is trying to solve the task on his own. Black arrows on the graph show the cargo transportation in terms of physical and documentary accompaniment; red arrows indicate the informative and documentary control of the whole process.

The second graph illustrates the process of cargo movements under the control of a forwarding company.

The course of the process remains unchanged, yet there is a notable difference: it is the forwarding company that assures total control in all the stages, and all actions are carried out by the company while the businessman N. has an opportunity to receive a full set of services with the guarantee that his cargo will be delivered safe and sound.

What we offer

Graphs vividly illustrate that the most efficient solution in such a situation is to delegate the responsibility to a team of professionals who ensure the cargo delivery on a door-to-door basis. The businessman should just sign the contract with the forwarding company, and all the rest will be done by the staff personnel; they will provide control over the entire process of the dispatch, transportation and delivery of cargo in all stages.

For several years, the Liner Company has been occupying leading positions on the market of transportation and forwarding services, ensuring door-to-door delivery over any distance. We have obtained a vast knowledge and experience in this field and collaborate exclusively with trusted partners; we will find an optimal and efficient logistical solution for your cargo and deliver it right in time and with minimum transportation costs. Apart from that, we guarantee the safety of your cargo and no delay.

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