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Air Freight

You need to send cargo in smaller consignments but on a more frequent basis and over longer distances? You need a fast delivery of perishables? You need to guarantee safety and security of your cargo? In that case, air transportation is your most optimal solution.

The Benefits of Air Freight

You still might argue that air transportation is not an economical commodity. However, it is important to remember that its high costs are compensated with a number of merits:

  1. High speed delivery:
    Air cargo delivery is four times faster than sea transportation.
  2. Reduced warehouse costs:
    You no longer need to spend money on temporary storage and transshipment of goods.
  3. High security level:
    Via air transportation, you can safely forward any high-value goods starting from precious stones and ending with pharmaceutics.
  4. Possibility of shipping perishable goods:
    Air freight is the only suitable means of transportation if you need to deliver this type of goods over a long distance. For instance, 80% of global floral industry is carried out precisely via air transportation.


Air Freight is universally recognized as the safest method of delivery. However, an air forwarder must be selected with caution and a proper strategy: quality standards and price estimates may significantly vary. It is almost always more economical and efficient to entrust the choice of an airline for your cargo transportation to a team of professionals.

What we offer

We provide air freight service throughout Russia virtually to all known destinations including international shipping operations. Our staff of specialists controls the entire process of transportation from the beginning to end, and you may rest assured that your cargo will be delivered safe and sound. We thoroughly know all the subtleties of air freight and collaborate only with trusted and reliable airlines; our specialists are always ready to devise the most convenient and efficient route for you.

How much does it cost?

In order to calculate the transportation rate, please fill out the request form or call one of our managers in Vladivostok:

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Transportation Department Manager
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Transportation Department Manager
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