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Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) Freight

If you require delivery of a small-sized item that cannot be sent via post office service yet insufficient for a full-fledged cargo transportation, in that case, less-than-container load freight is right what you need.

What is a Less-Than-Container Load? It means that your item will be shipped with other similar small-sized items sharing space in one large container. This practice significantly reduces transportation costs.

What should be the size of an item in order to be accepted for LCL freight? According to international standards, if the delivery volume doesn’t exceed one third of a container capacity (a 20-ft standard container has a volume of 33.2m3), then it’s rational to choose LCL freight.

Quite often, an item can be transported only by means of LCL freight. Delivery via post office service may be impossible due to large dimensions, and forwarders will simply refrain from accepting this kind of cargo or demand a too high price for transportation, which will render such delivery non-remunerative.

How does it work?

Suppose you surfed the Korean Internet portal and came across a product you would like to purchase, then you bought the product and now you want to have it delivered to your city. You fill out the delivery form, and we immediately contact our foreign partners in the city nearest to the place of dispatch. They take the item from your shipper and deliver it to the consolidation warehouse of less-than-container loads in Pusan (South Korea). The warehouse operators do container shipments throughout the world, including Russia.

Then the item will be delivered to Vladivostok where our professional declarants will do all the necessary customs paperwork, and your cargo will be delivered to you either via air transportation, or via rail freight in a mail-and-luggage train carriage (at your convenience).

Average delivery time for LCL freight from ports in Southeast Asia and to receivers in the Western part of the country amounts to 30–35 days.

Complicated routes for LCL cargoes

Handling LCL cargoes is not an easy process. A forwarding company to which you entrust the delivery of your cargo should have a vast experience in this field because the cargo must have in order all the required documentation on all stages of transportation. It is crucial to make sure that the cargo is packaged and labeled adequately, that all the customs documents are in order, and that a container is arranged and forwarded. In the country of destination, the cargo must undergo customs clearance and receive all the customs documentation required for further realisation of the product or utilization of equipment. Afterwards, the cargo must be delivered to the given address up to the consignee’s doorstep.

Why the Liner Company?

The Liner Company has been specializing in delivering LCL cargoes for a vast period of time and has gathered extensive experience in this field. We provide a whole variety of services for delivering small-sized cargoes and we strive to offer you the most economical solutions.

Our partnership with one of the biggest global transportation coordinators of LCL cargoes, «MS DISTRIPARK» (South Korea), allows us to easily organize transportation of any type of cargo (even hazardous cargo) right to your doorstep and deliver it personally into your hands.

How much does it cost?

In order to calculate the transportation rate, please fill out the request form or call one of our managers in Vladivostok:

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