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Multimodal Freight

Multimodal freight is a convenient and widespread method of delivery of large consignments of cargo over long distances. Multimodal freight means that one cargo is delivered by several means of transport: by sea, air, railway, road — all in various combinations.

The Benefits of Multimodal Freight

  1. Optimal equilibrium of price and quality:
    The cargo transportation route is divided in sections, and an efficient type of transport is selected for each section of the route. Such method allows reducing transportation costs without losing in quality.
  2. Reliability:
    vOnly one forwarder is responsible for your cargo who ensures all the intermediate stages of loading/unloading which guarantees the safety of your cargo.

Transport Rebus

Multimodal freight is transportation of increased complexity. Change of the type of transport always carries a heightened risk since the procedure includes the process of unloading and loading as well as intermediate cargo storage. During these stages, there is a risk of demurrage and loss of time, additional fees for cargo operations, not to mention damage to the cargo or its loss. For this reason, it is better to entrust the organization of multimodal transportation to a trusted team of professional forwarders.

Why the Liner Company?

We have been specializing in multimodal freight for a long period of time and have obtained a vast experience in planning multimodal logistical routes.

We collaborate exclusively with trusted forwarders and we also have our own subdivisions in ports of the Far East (Vladivostok, Nakhodka).

We perform multimodal transportations in shortest timeframe possible and we guarantee safety and security of your cargo. It allows our clients to optimize transport costs and plan their deliveries with utmost confidence.

How much does it cost?

In order to calculate the transportation rate, please fill out the request form or call one of our managers in Vladivostok:

Alexey Andreevich

Transportation Department Manager
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Transportation Department Manager
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Anton Igorevich

Transportation Department Manager
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Transportation Department Manager
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